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3.6 SR3.6 SR
3.9 SR3.9 SR
4.4 SR4.4 SR
4.7 LRi4.7 LRi
5.2 LR5.2 LR
5.2 LRi5.2 LRi
5.8 LRi5.8 LRi
6.7 LRi6.7 LRi
7.5 LRi7.5 LRi
8.5 LR8.5 LR
900 HD900 HD


Infanta P1 PencilInfanta P1 Pencil

Boat Reviews

4.7 SRi reviewed in Leisure Boating - June/July 2010 issue
4.7 SRi
Leisure Boating
June/July 2010
5.2 SRi reviewed in Leisure Boating - June/July 2009 issue
5.2 SRi
Leisure Boating
June/July 2009
6.0 SRi reviewed in Leisure Boating - August 2008 issue
6.0 SRi
Leisure Boating
August 2008
6.7 SR reviewed in Leisure Boating - March 2010 issue
6.7 SR
Leisure Boating
March 2010

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